Ooh, new offers!

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08-10-2005 18:41:22

I just checked my flashipods account to see if I could scrounge up those last 15 points, and I see that they have a whole new page of offers! That "All Cool Music" shouldn't be there though, because its illegal in the USA and thats where most of Trainn's traffic is comin from (I assume) but the others look great. Thanks Trainn!


08-10-2005 18:43:11

I see you are using azoogle ads now as well, that seems like a more reliable company than the one for some of the other offers (its like cash4free or something)

Edit - I just did the "Bargin Network" offer, because my sister is looking for a new car and the site looked really professional (not like those paycom sites that look like they will charge your credit card and run off giggling) and everything went smoothly, I'm just going to wait my week out for credit.

Very cool )


08-10-2005 20:50:55

You mean freecash4all? That's actually one of our properties that have yet to be developed.

We still have a few more offers to add, but the final total should be about 12-15 new ones. The All Cool Music is legal to US traffic, just a sticky subject. As with other programs of similar nature, it can be illegal depending on what you do with it, but the service itself is not.



08-10-2005 22:15:47

I'd be overjoyed if you added an instant one worth a few points, I'd like to finish the site up =P
I don't mind if I do one in addition to bargin because I'd rather not wait a week, and the $100 will pay off bargin's next month fee lol.
Anyways, good luck with that and I hope to see some good stuff in the future, added on to the already great stuff you've got going for you now. I'd reccommend you over gratis anyday (and I already am, haha)