What does approval entail??

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08-10-2005 16:59:03

Ok, so I know that approval is when they evaluate your account, but do they just look at greens or do they check to see if everyone who signed up might have completed an offer?? I am only asking because I'm still holding out hope that somehow my two friends who did stamps.com and asked for manual credit (but there was no record of them signing up) would somehow be credited (I don't know maybe they will have found where they did sign up)... I am probably just dreaming, but it'd be nice to have those 2 come through as they would make the difference between two different bundles!! Any insight would be appreciated.


08-10-2005 17:46:02

They make sure that everyone has followed their TOS and not signed up twice pretty much. If you have referrals that are green, then Trainn should already have the money from them. Basically, it's checking to make sure everyone's playing by the rules.

Overall, it just entails a lot of waiting for us ;)