What is the DEAL with these offers??

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07-10-2005 22:26:24

I'm trying to complete a couple of Level B offers on yourfreeflatscreen.com, and if the offer is halfway decent and I try to complete it, I get sent to a page at metareward.com that has a bunch of stuff on it, including "This offer is invalid." Then I get forwarded from there to www.yourfreedvds.com, where I get a "this page cannot be found" error.

PLEASE, Trainn - if the offer is invalid, get it off your site. And it seems like all the offers worth doing are invalid.



07-10-2005 22:40:01

Yeah, I noticed that a lot of the level B offers do that. There's also a few offers that say simply, "To receive credit," without giving actual instructions. ?


07-10-2005 22:42:39

They are on and offline at various times (no notice is given unless they are permanently pulling their offer) so it impossible to know which ones do and don't work without going through all 115 every day.



08-10-2005 08:11:21

The offers go up, the offer go down. They always say invalid if you've already completed that offer on any site in the Trainn network.