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07-10-2005 20:13:23

I was told that I would be notified when I'd be receiving my shipment of the actual console sometime closer to the release date. The release date has been announced (or atleast I think so!) for Nov. 22, so I'm wondering when you are going to cut everything off and give us our exact shipment dates (for Canadians)?


07-10-2005 20:20:09

So a month and a half constitutes close to the release date. I would wate till the consoles have actually been shipped to suppliers. There is no way for them to know the EXACT date as we are no where close to the release date. Try back sometime around November 15th or so.


07-10-2005 20:32:24

You will be "notified" via the order status page similar to any other order. The only ones that will be contacted earlier are those who have chosen a bundle with games and they will be contacted later this month and asked which games they want.



08-10-2005 11:08:13

OK sounds good.