Whats an easy 18 point offer?

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06-10-2005 23:23:47

Heres my criteria...

1. Has to be below 6 bucks, I only have 6.02 left on my prepaid card.
2. Prefere that you either dont have to cancel anything, or if you do, you can do it online, I hate calling those pushy bastads
3. Shouldnt take 3 weeks to get credit ) Less than a couple days is prefered.

Thanks guys,
+karma to whoever gets me a good reccomendation.



06-10-2005 23:27:03

Don't you be talking about prepaid cards >=)
But I'd appreiciate the same thing, except instant and I don't care the cost. I've got 15 points left on flashipods

Don't talk about cancelling either (

damn you are on a roll


07-10-2005 00:52:54

consumer info is solid


07-10-2005 01:01:07

someone knocked down my karma wtf?


07-10-2005 06:48:04

[quotedcfc566d10="motz"]someone knocked down my karma wtf?[/quotedcfc566d10]

++ for ya


07-10-2005 09:21:51

doesn't matter really just karma thxs though


11-10-2005 02:54:23

Try those free offers. 5 points and stuff like that. They'll add up eventually.