approval....then reapproval

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06-10-2005 20:43:45

Ok so I am about to submit for approval as no one wants to help me finish the site at a reasonable price (which is fine as I understand that if you can get $30 for a green you should do it, but I can't pay that much for greens as eventually the entire process will have cost me just as much as if I'd saved the darn money for the system and thus the free part is gone) anyways I am going for the regular system (8 refs)....what would happen if I get approved and by that time a few friends who told me they'd "check the site out" actually sign up and green....will I have to resubmit, or would trainn notice these greens happening while approving or what?? any insight would be greatly I hope this goes quickly as this is my last free site for a long time......also does anyone know where Trainn is on approval? do we know how long I may be waiting to find out my fate??


06-10-2005 22:49:38

From what I understand they are 10 days behind. So it should take 10 dya sto get approved. and they should be on the 27th of september approvals now.


06-10-2005 22:53:41 i guess if i get some more refs they'll just check those out and hopefully I can get 10 refs instead of 8 and get a better package.....hopefully trainn will shed some light on this, but I have a feeling you're correct. thanks for the response by the way! )


07-10-2005 12:13:49

It took me 12 days to be approved on flashipods4free...I agree with you about the cost of greens.The price has been run way up consdering the fact that most offers cost around $5 or less.The exception to this is freeipods(since almost everyone did it) and also any site with casino offers


07-10-2005 14:46:50

Submitted for approval on 27th September at 3604free and approved today ) 10 days exactly!