Quick Question (Trainn support help)

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06-10-2005 18:27:58

How long do they usually take to respond to a "Missing Credit Request" I requested one on September 27 and it was an offer that usually credits in 2 days and I havent received anything. Can anybody please help. Thanks in Advance


06-10-2005 18:30:41

It took me about 10-12 days to get one of mine dealt with


06-10-2005 19:05:41

OKay, thanks, anybody else?


06-10-2005 19:13:37

Sometimes, its very tough to get credited through a missing credit report. It has happened to my referrals more than once. You'll be lucky if you'll get your credit; good luck anyways.


06-10-2005 19:14:44

The usual time is about 10 business days for us to get a response regarding a missing credit request.


06-10-2005 19:30:11

Okay, thank you. If I dont get credited, May I contact you?


06-10-2005 20:25:29

Well from my experiences my referrals that have submitted missing credit requests haven't been credited...but those were for stamps.com and apparently stamps.com either credits instantly or not at all, and if it doesn't credit instantly there will probably be no trace of your referral ever having signed up.........but they'll still get the confirmation e-mail from stamps.com, so stamps.com kinda sucks like that.....


06-10-2005 20:30:12

Is it just me or is Trainn about 10 days behind on everything. I was just wondering if you guys have a plan to get caught up or you just plan to remain 10 days behind. I think that response to your site would increase a lot if you got up to doing everything in a 24-48 hour period instead of a 1-2 week period.


08-10-2005 13:52:13

The account review time will be shortened from the 5-7 business day timeframe soon, but the missing credit timeframe is pretty much set because A) many submit the request prematurely and it would be useless to focus on something that will report normally, B) it's a time consuming task so it's easier to do a bunch of them at one time then to do a little each days.