How many points does it take??

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04-10-2005 20:37:57

Ok, so I am signed up for flashipods4free and I am in a referral account right now....I was just wondering how many points it would take to get the $100 paypal payment if I swapped to the points method?? how many for the $250 paypal?? please let me know as i would greatly appreciate it (this will help me decide on whether or not I want to change to points or stick with referrals). thanks!! )


04-10-2005 20:49:33

It costs 550 for $100 paypal. And 1600 for $250.

As a side note, has anyone noticed that you could get 3x$100 paypal for 1650 points? Seems like a weird price structure to have the $250 cost only 50 points less.


04-10-2005 21:07:56

You can only do the site once.....Its a question of whether you want $250 or you wanna go for the $100.


04-10-2005 21:35:50

I think in points you can get unlimited rewards


04-10-2005 22:36:17

With points, you can place as many orders as you want. You can do it over and over, you just don't have any good offers after one or two rounds.