ANother xbox qustion for alan

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02-10-2005 21:18:27

I know gratis said it will be giving away the more expensive xbox360, but which one is the one you are giving away.

Xbox 360 Core System - $299 (299 Euros, 209 GBP)
•Xbox 360 console
•Wired controller
•Detachable faceplate
•Xbox Live Silver membership
•Standard AV cables

Xbox 360 - $399 (399 Euros, 279 GBP)
•Xbox 360 console
•20GB detachable hard drive
•Wireless controller
•Wireless Xbox Live headset
•High-definition AV cables
•Ethernet cable
•Xbox 360 Media Remote Control (limited time)
•Detachable faceplate
•Xbox Live Silver membership


02-10-2005 21:22:46

I am pretty sure that they are giving away the premium Xbox 360 bundle....


They mentioned that they were going to also offer the core, but I haven't seen it listed on the site, so I am not 100 percent sure, but I'm sure you'll get an answer from someone from Trainn soon......


02-10-2005 21:33:02

Yeah from what I read on the site it looks like the core system, the only thing that makes me think otherwise is the fact that they say it comes with a hard drive


02-10-2005 23:03:48

its the premium


02-10-2005 23:12:15

So it comes with the headset and teh high definition av cables because this is not what the site says. The site says clearly standard av cables. I hope trainn knows they are confusing the crap out of me.


03-10-2005 00:33:51

well it says it comes with a wireless controller, and that only comes in the premium pack, it also says 20gig hard drive, which is premium pack.

that is on the front page at least.

Yeah i see what you mean when you go to pick your item.

I'm getting the EB Gift card, and I have a premium pack pre-ordered so I know I'm all good )


03-10-2005 02:18:55

All the bundles listed on the website are the Premium packages.