Trainn Offers Of Doom?

Live forum:


02-10-2005 09:25:08

I know this sounds preposterous, but I'm beginning to think that Trainn employs (to a less serious level, obviously) the offer of doom technique. I'm 15 points from finishing flashipods again, and almost all the good offers (and by good I mean cheap and instant) say "offer suspended"
I bet 1/3 of all the offers are gone, and theres no way I've done that many.

Oh well, just a speculation.


02-10-2005 10:04:12

definitely speculation. you selected the points method, and that's a lot tougher. offercentric's offers of doom make it so that you have to get someone to complete some stupid casino offer. big difference.


02-10-2005 11:42:05

We have no control over that. They come and go at anytime and when they are unavailable, you can have 0 points or 1 to go and they're going to say "Offer Suspended."



02-10-2005 12:29:44

Thanks for the quick response Alan, I was guessing that becuase I know you guys use the "do offers get cash" program, so I'm sure that its out of your control.

Thanks again, you guys rock )
(oh, and thanks for responding to my credit request, only 1 offer to go!)