one simple question

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30-09-2005 12:21:48

on average (yes i knwo it can vary) how long does approval take?


30-09-2005 12:36:38

After the server crash, I have noticed an average of 8-11 days for approval time. It was a bit faster before that.

Don't hold me to those numbers. Took me personally 10 days for approval on

If you're waiting to be approved gritting your teeth and checking your accout every 5 minutes to see if you've been approved. I recommend you go out into your car, drive to the local Brewery and take a tour of it. That'll take your mind off of it.

On a lighter side note just FYI. I completed Freepay's yesturday (Thursday). Requested approval thursday evening 8pm PST and I was approved today (friday) at 830am PST. Not saying anyone is better just comparing approval times. Take it with a grain of salt, or sugar...


30-09-2005 12:42:52

yeah, gratis is EXTREMELY fast, from the time i requested the a pproval to the time the psp was actually in my hands (from it took about 4-5 days

but yeah i guess i'll have to wait it out then /