Point System?

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29-09-2005 19:35:06

So how many points approx do you get from each offer done?

I'm thinking about doing a points offer rather than referal based if it's pretty easy to gain points.

Someone let me know!


29-09-2005 19:42:23

It all depends on the offer.


29-09-2005 19:47:45

So you would say its not worth doing compared to referals?

I just wish I knew point values for certain offers before losing a sign up for the last one dvdrecorders


29-09-2005 19:50:37

is that you in your picture? if it is, youre mighty handsome!


29-09-2005 19:59:45

Havn't we gone over this before?


29-09-2005 21:26:25

I finished flashipods point based, took less than a day to complete and cost me about $45 (because I did a hosting offer) but I had enough for a ipod shuffle 1gb (but I took $100, because I needed to pay the hosting bill) and I'm almost at enough points to cash out again.


29-09-2005 23:01:22

personally I am more into the idea of referrals as it saves me more money. the points based thing may end up costing more in the long run, but you do know who is completing the offers and know that you are getting them done when you want to...so I think each has it's plus and minuses, but for me I'd rather do referrals as it's more fun to save my money and get my friends to help me than spend a good bit of my money trying different offers....but that's just me


30-09-2005 00:46:45

referral system is better... imo


30-09-2005 14:03:21

[quote9e4cfd9060="geewhzz"]Havn't we gone over this before?[/quote9e4cfd9060]

I believe I asked you before but I forgot to read your response so....


30-09-2005 17:19:14

Account Total 586 points

Item Cost 650 points

You still need 64 point(s) for this item!

I have about 90 points in offers that should be coming in, and I should finish the site shortly.