long is it going to take?

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28-09-2005 18:50:50

Maybe I'm dense, but I don't see any threads about people's missing credit on sites from the crash. How long is it going to take to get all of it back? I'm almost done with my site and just need my offer credit, and one of my referals put back onto my account to be done with it.

Whats the hold up?


28-09-2005 23:37:09

Have you tried sending them an e-mail? In all my dealings with them they have been SUPER promt and i got my missing two greens put back within an hour of sending an e-mail about it


05-10-2005 00:45:10

so far trainn has been the most frustrating experience for me. i'm still waiting on getting credit from an offer i did on 9/9. and their response time has been horrendous for me. i put in a support ticket a week ago and still haven't gotten a response. 2 of my flashipods referrals have been waiting to go green for 2 weeks now. if these delays are caused by the site crashing 3 weeks ago, then why don't they fucking say so? i know a lot of people have faith in trainn, but i'm a newbie to all of this and so far my first impression is pretty bad.


05-10-2005 02:08:51

The server crash has had no impact on crediting since then. I do not know what your account is under so I will not be able to provide a solution, but the response time on support tickets is usually less then 3 days so something isnt right about and I will check to ensure none of those have been missed.