Flashipods4free.com/Free Bidding offer Question?!?

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26-09-2005 14:30:53

I read the post about everyone contributing their feedback towards the offers from Transcendent Innovations. It is really helpful and cool but I have a question about the Free Bidding offer which received the most positive feedback. Is it just $4.95 or whatever for the 1 day trial and then you receive credit? After you purchase that, do you have to cancel anything to prevent further charges on your credit card or will it just charge you for the one day trial? Thanks.


26-09-2005 14:37:40

yeah you have to cancel online, it is really easy


28-09-2005 14:27:33

Did you use your credit card to sign up for this offer? Both me and the people I am trying to refer are nervous that this is not a legitimate offer and are nervous about using their credit cards.


28-09-2005 15:16:17

There's nothing wrong with the offer.