Tickle.com issues

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18-09-2005 22:50:50

I have had 3 refs now try to complete Tickle.com
once they finish quiz it messes up and wont let them purchase results.

wondering if anyone else has experienced this.


19-09-2005 19:25:46

Do you mean that it charges their credit card and E-mails the confirmation emails, but doesn't give you a receipt right after clicking "BUY."

If so, it happened to me.


19-09-2005 20:28:57

welp i had 2 refs taht said when they went to purchase results it just bugged out and didn't charge them though. I just found out 1 of my refs got it, was charged and everything, and saw results however that was 3 days ago and hasn't greened. usually tickle.com is amazing.


19-09-2005 21:11:07

We've heard this from a few, but since it is our their end we can't give an exact reason why it happens. Some users have had success creating a Tickle account first and then clicking our links and proceeding as normal. I don't know why it will sometimes work that way, but it does (and will still be tracked).



20-09-2005 14:59:08

i havent got credit for the offer that i did recenlty either. except for me i did the test, and it was absolutely free, and shows up in my account area, no emails that i completed it either. plus now it shows up as some love site not tickle. no idea wtf is up with this offer, way back i did an iq test offer that went through pretty easy.