trainn checking customer service inquiries lately?

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18-09-2005 20:26:28

I was just wondering if anyone else has put in a customer service inquiry lately and received an answer? I put in one last Thursday and have yet to receive an answer. I was just wondering if it was just me or if things are really busy around trainn (which I'm sure is the case with the server problems from last week and all)...I just don't want it to be anything wrong on my end, and I'm curious to know whether or not they can help me with my question....if anyone has any information regarding this (the lack of response) please post here...thanks!


18-09-2005 20:33:29

i submitted 3 questions today and they were all answered with half an hour. email= them though them though


19-09-2005 05:19:20

Mine were answered last night.


25-09-2005 10:35:26

i really don't understand what's going on. i email=ed email=contact@trainn.orgcontact@trainn.orged and on monday or tuesday (5 days ago), and still haven't recieved a response. then i made a support ticket on thursday and haven't recieved a response for that. i've been waiting for 3 referrals to go green for almost 2 weeks now, and just last night one of the few greens i have goes red. i don't even know what to do anymore. this is getting pretty fucking absurd. =(


25-09-2005 12:22:53

They DON'T do shit about missing credit requests, I'll say that right off the bat. However, they are wonderful with general customer service, my experience has been wonderful in that aspect.


25-09-2005 12:55:37

so pretty much i'm hopeless?


25-09-2005 12:59:06

No, not at all. They are wonderful with answering questions, I was saying that they suck at fixing credit problems (unrelated to server crash, they got me all my credits back after that)