Xbox 360s

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16-09-2005 04:51:49

I know that it has already been mentioned that the Xbox 360 on 3604free for 8 referrals is going to be the one with the hard drive. I was just wondering if trainn had decided to also offer the core system? I remember them mentioning something on here about them updating the amount of referrals for each item and going to offer a core system for less than the 8 referrals. I was just curious, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for the one with the hard drive, but I was also wondering if there would be maybe a core bundle with the core system and a game for 8 referrals...If that is the case I may get that and then ask for the HD for Christmas...that way I could actually own two games at launch instead of the one I'm going to buy...since I am broke I can only afford one ( . Thanks in advance for any productive response.


16-09-2005 05:27:48

and a related question - do the point value requirements in the Trainn intro post still hold true?


29-09-2005 12:34:56