Moving points from account to account

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15-09-2005 20:07:36

I've spent alot of money in my account, but I don't think I'll ever finish it so i'm wondering if anyone has, in the past, moved points from one site to another (I want them on flashipods4free)
Obviously, the offers on yffs are worth double/triple they are on flashipods, so hopefully they could be ajusted accordingly.

Any response would be appriciated, if someone says it may be possible I'll email trainn.


15-09-2005 20:14:03

Unfortunately, credits are non-transferable.


15-09-2005 20:30:40

Darn, oh well (
Worth a shot =\
I guess I'll have to sign up on a casino or hosting, becuase I would really like that sony screen on yffs and the $100 on flashipods.