Ps3 Site for Trainn?

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15-09-2005 19:05:12

So will the Trainn peeps being doing a PS3 site?


15-09-2005 19:10:19

[quote2c4f46af6f="spitznerk"]So will the Trainn peeps being doing a PS3 site?[/quote2c4f46af6f]

That would be awesome....although I think I'd just go for the paypal instead D


15-09-2005 19:12:24

They haven't announced anything regarding future sites, but they do keep saying that they have some ideas in the works )


15-09-2005 19:35:23

A Playstation 3 site is definitely in the plans, but we're waiting until there is substantial information about the system (such as definitive launch window and price).

The server change (and the subsequent workload) pushed everything back a bit, so it may be a little longer before a new site launches, but there's a lot of good stuff in the work.



15-09-2005 19:40:38

Could we get a sneak preview of the new trainn site? D ) o Please.......