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14-09-2005 12:34:57

I was wondering if trainn could keep us updated on where they were on the manual updates. Im pretty sure theyre at September 1st or around that area. Trainn could you keep us updated in this thread on your progress with restoring information manually. Thank you very much.

People of freeipodguide we do not all have to post here and make this a 13 page thread. This is for trainn to keep us updated. Dont post in this thread unless you have useful information. Thanks.


drum attacks

14-09-2005 14:41:30

I placed my order this morning and I'm Sept 2


14-09-2005 14:47:17

They have been very helpful with me through email. They cleared up my account problems and i was able to place my order today.
I suggest everyone email them about their account if they having missing credits or refs, like their site recommends.


14-09-2005 16:20:22

I don't know about creating a official thread as that would have to be okayed by Alan, but we've now gotten a good chunk of the information back online.

In addition, all functions are online where you can start getting new referrals and completing offers.

Finally, before the inevitable question comes up, we will have verified all accounts submitted up to the 5th and within the next 24 hours all those and some from the 6th will be reviewed.


14-09-2005 16:33:27

a good chunk would not include people who signed up on September 9th, just to let everyone know.


14-09-2005 16:44:21

lol, really?


14-09-2005 17:02:04

[quotedb7c94b6d5="mlwitchking"]a good chunk would not include people who signed up on September 9th, just to let everyone know.[/quotedb7c94b6d5]

That is correct, but in addition to those that are entering everything, we have others handling "priority" requests so if you email us the information, we will compare it with the offline records and restore it upon review of the email.


14-09-2005 17:23:07

They've been imensely helpful to me, they got my offers back up and I got my paypal today )


14-09-2005 17:48:14

In respone to the Trainn guy

I did e-mail with everything I knew about my account information.

I still have a question though

I had a bunch of offers that I completed on Saturday, September the 10th (right before the server crashed) that would credit my account in the next business day or (in the case of only 2) in the next 3 to 5 business days. If my account information is wiped from the server, then how would I get credited for doing those offers? I do have a list of what I did as backup, by the way. I would hate to have done a bunch of offers to get an iPod nano, only to be smitten to have them not count.



14-09-2005 19:39:43

I still haven't recieve my missing referral...(
emailed already..


14-09-2005 19:52:28

[quote20187cb14c="deletrius"]I still haven't recieve my missing referral...(
emailed already..[/quote20187cb14c]

When you contacted us, did you refer to a specific user email?


14-09-2005 21:36:41

I love trainn. Keep us updated trainn! D


15-09-2005 04:06:57

As a user update I requested approval on the fifth and was approved overnight!

Now I have to decide if I want paypal, nano, or 20gig...


15-09-2005 17:26:33

[quote5161458c62="Trainn-Support"][quote5161458c62="deletrius"]I still haven't recieve my missing referral...(
emailed already..[/quote5161458c62]

When you contacted us, did you refer to a specific user email?[/quote5161458c62]

Fantastic job trainn! I sent an email about 4-5 days ago about a missing ref and i didn't remember the email.. i got back a temporary ref today... )


We have confirmed a successful referral on your account, but have yet to bring their account online. In order to provide you with the quickest service possible, we have added a temporary provisional referral to your account and you may continue your efforts to obtain your item.

Account Services
Transcendent Innovations[/quote5161458c62]


15-09-2005 18:05:38

I emailed Trainn and got my referrals back up. Had 4 of them. But now only 1 of the 4 is marked as completing an offer. Should I email again or just wait this out? Thanks in advance.


15-09-2005 18:14:05

If all four of them had previously been green, then yes, contact them.


15-09-2005 18:56:29

Well, I looked back over the email they sent back after restoring the referrals. It says Hello,

The information has been confirmed with the offline records and the
accounts were updated. We will now check over their credit status and
them accordingly.

So maybe I should just wait a few more days.


15-09-2005 18:58:00

Over the past couple of days, TRAINN has quickly restored all 10 greens I had on DVDRecorders. They are doing a heck of a job IMO, after this unfortunate crash.


15-09-2005 19:13:50

I would have panicked a bit if I were them.

Do you realize how many people don't back up their information for their sites? Thanks goodness Trainn does, or we'd all be in a very very bad situation.


15-09-2005 22:55:52


What date are you at on manual updating? Thank you.


16-09-2005 03:32:09

not to be mean but it seems like updating is a bitch so let them be and it will get done if you ask or not. )


16-09-2005 17:53:41

How long does the approval prodcess usually take?


16-09-2005 18:28:45

[quote8cc9676948="Scarface"]How long does the approval prodcess usually take?[/quote8cc9676948]

A week.


16-09-2005 20:08:31

instant if you are doing a points based account!!!


16-09-2005 20:40:49

[quote366bcf64fd="mlwitchking"]instant if you are doing a points based account!!![/quote366bcf64fd]

yea i didnt know that, if i did i woulda did it that way (


16-09-2005 20:54:20

They don't have anything to investigate into in the points system, why would there be an approval wait?


16-09-2005 22:50:35

I just wanna give mad props to trainn. I e-mailed them like ten minutes ago with a couple of referrals' e-mails and they updated my account almost immediately, this in the middle of the night on Friday. EXCELLENT customer service. Thank you trainn.


18-09-2005 00:58:29


~How far you on the manual updates? To what date are you at?


18-09-2005 01:22:40

It's not as simple as a certain date. There are nearly a dozen different areas that need data re-entered with thousands of records for each area.

We got a lot done, but a lot more to go. We've helped hundreds manually through emails, but it's barely put a dent in the whole set of records so it's hard to give a timeframe. As we've stated before though, if you want it done right away, feel free to email us.


18-09-2005 02:38:05


~Here is the position I am in that I know many other people on these forums are in. I am pretty sure that I had greens on my account. However I cannot remember the email that they used or who even signed up in that matter. Is it possible for us to request a complete update of our account instead of one by one email updates? I just want to confirm that I have other referals. That is all. Thank you.