Friend doing site question?

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14-09-2005 12:10:27

One of my friends is going to do one of the trainn sites. He wants to get paypal but he doesnt have a paypal account. He was wondering if he could have it sent to my paypal account and then I could just pay him. I have no problem doing this but I want to make sure it is alright. He would have all his personal information and everything. It would just go to my paypal account. Alan would this be alright?


14-09-2005 12:13:21

Your friend can select the Paypal option and request a check in the "Notes" section when placing an order.


14-09-2005 12:14:29

On any of your sites?


14-09-2005 12:15:37

[quote7e44e0fafa="theclownoftightness"]On any of your sites?[/quote7e44e0fafa]

Yes, that applies to all sites.


14-09-2005 12:20:26

I love you trainn D D D