Potential major flaw

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12-09-2005 16:22:04

So I assume that you are going to be restoring everyone to their original id #/ reflink #, however what about those whose accounts are temp. deleted? The potential flaw is that new people will sign up and be assigned the same id #. For example, if I was id # 1090, and the last account not to be deleted was 1087, my account can potentially be replicated before Trainn has a chance to fix mine. Any comments?


12-09-2005 16:24:45

good god.....


12-09-2005 16:36:04

Not a problem, wee got that covered already, that was one of the required tasks before relaunching the site. We took the blocks of registrations that we knew contained active accounts and "reserved" them for later use and the first signup when the site went up got an account with the id they would have as if the site never went down.



12-09-2005 16:42:13

Alan, if I PM you with my account info, can you please update my account?

I'm getting quite worried, because most people I've talked to have had their accounts fixed/updated already.....


12-09-2005 16:51:00

Sure, feel free to send the info. So that we can document it properly though, please email= it to email=community@trainn.orgcommunity@trainn.org it to email=community@trainn.orgcommunity@trainn.org/email.



12-09-2005 17:17:14

Hi Alan, what's the time-scale we are looking at here? I had submitted my request to the above-said email= ID like 5-hrs ago - am I impatient here or is there a problem with any of my accounts? I regd. under email=pandian316@yahoo.co.ukpandian316@yahoo.co.uk ID like 5-hrs ago - am I impatient here or is there a problem with any of my accounts? I regd. under email=pandian316@yahoo.co.ukpandian316@yahoo.co.uk/email for all of your sites. Thanks anyways - you guys are doing a wonderful job ought there!


12-09-2005 17:20:50

I submitted the info 12 hours ago. I was hoping to make tomorrow's shipment too.


12-09-2005 17:36:36

If you have emailed us with specific information (such as email, account id, and referrals/offer creduts) we will be adding those through the rest of the night. Manual additions will take a while longer.



12-09-2005 17:47:50

Okay. I still don't see how this won't affect my approval, but okay.


12-09-2005 17:55:18

[quote1a6d36e8dc="Aristotle"]Okay. I still don't see how this won't affect my approval, but okay.[/quote1a6d36e8dc]

If you submitted prior to the site crashing then they have your file off line and thus it wont be affect your approval.


12-09-2005 17:59:22

I submitted on the 7th for approval...any chance my account can be manually updated asap and possibly make the payout wednesday morning?


12-09-2005 18:08:33

damn i still dont have my refs back. im kinda worried cause all 5 greened in the past 3 days.. lol

drum attacks

12-09-2005 18:21:13

So we SHOULD send you emails to get our status back? I didnt want to add to the spam you must be getting.


12-09-2005 18:28:38

Yeah, go ahead. I totally understand the concern on this situation and that is why we set up the email==community@trainn.orgcommunity@trainn.org=community@trainn.orgcommunity@trainn.org/email account for quick access.


drum attacks

12-09-2005 18:40:21

Awesome, thanks alot.


12-09-2005 18:46:46

I still have one referral missing from my account at the moment and i don't remember the email address....
btw, the response was lightning fast!
Good CS trainn!


12-09-2005 18:55:23

[quote7b4eb9f335="deletrius"]...btw, the response was lightning fast!
Good CS trainn![/quote7b4eb9f335]