Oh no! I hope this will be fixed.

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12-09-2005 15:44:38

I sent in an email to trainn's address to see if I could get it restored. I submitted approval on the 9th, but now that its partially restored its telling me to submit approval again.
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The problem is that this is my second time going for approval so some of the greens arent suppose to be there. ( Cuz they went red the first time) I got other greens that arent showing. (

Notice the 1969 Year on one of the referrals. wink


12-09-2005 15:55:39

Requests for account review have not been affected despite what the site may say. Those requests are contained offline and checked against the offline records. When the account is approved, your account status will also follow suit.



12-09-2005 15:58:33

Great! Thanks so much for the reply. D It brings great reassurance.