Question on doing 360 for points.

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12-09-2005 11:21:59

If I were to do 360 the point way and I need 1000 points to do it. How many offers is that. I have done almost all of the old offers so I may run out. Would I be able to switch to referrals after I start points or do you not get credit for the points? Sorry if this is a repost, I looked around and can't find the answer in the forums. Thanks!


12-09-2005 12:05:38

Well I don't think that you will be able to transfer the points...but I'm not sure. I do know that you can switch your account from points to referral or vice versa, but I believe you can only do this once...I swapped from points to referral because honestly it's more fun to get others to help me than me having to partake in offers I don't really have an interest in. The referral way I can actually do the offers I want and not have to worry about coming up short on my end....hope this helps a bit...