Offers for Canadian residents

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10-09-2005 19:59:40

Do anyone know what're good acceptable offers for canadian residents? My canadian friend wants to do all the trainn sites! I'm not sure if all the offers allow Canadian residents to register. I would appreciate a reply.



10-09-2005 20:01:50

I would suggest contacting Trainn directly through a support ticket ;)


10-09-2005 20:39:52

Yea I want to know tooooo =)


10-09-2005 21:24:50

your talking about the offers on the offer page right? if so,

not all the offers are Canadian-friendly.. to find out, you need to go to their page and see if when you fill out the form,
for example, the (postal code/zip code or country) etc.
Im a Canadian and the
[bd2d27a8aeb]TrimLife 7.95 CAN, Freebidding, Driving4Dollars [/bd2d27a8aeb]
offer works..

my suggestion to TRAINN is to create a list which says which country can do which offer (or follow Freepay)
so we don't need to find out manually which takes A LOOOTTT of time

I say this because i was planning on completing an offer for someone i was trading with
and i click on about 10 offers and none of them were canadian friendly.. (wasted about 30 mins.)
this is why FREEPAY is still better than TRAINN imo...

[bd2d27a8aeb]Alan, if your reading this, please help us non-americans out..[/bd2d27a8aeb]