Shipping question

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09-09-2005 06:38:29

I got approved D Yay, but anyways..

I'm pretty sure Alan said if you submit your paypal before 8-10pm central on tuesday/friday, you'll be in that shipment.. was that right? My order says
Shipping Estimate Sep 19, 2005 so I just wanna know if it will be tonight, as the 19th is a monday anyways P


09-09-2005 07:04:34

Yeah it always says like 2 weeks later then it actually is. You will get it tonight


09-09-2005 07:13:37

omgosh so excited first freebie wooo o


09-09-2005 08:21:31

yeah i ordered my ipod like on the 31st it says the 13th, still don't have a shipping number yet so we will see.


09-09-2005 11:27:49

Sweet I got approved too! Ordered the PayPal from YourFreeFlatscreens! Thanks for everyone that helped!