what to think about this?

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08-09-2005 08:44:49

so i submitted and got this email back

[quotece5f5e08a9]One of your referrals are not valid as they have repeatedly broken our Terms & Condition regarding the one offer person rule. The referral is "inaneXXXv@gmail.com." They completed the same offer on multiple sites of ours and we only receive credit for one sign-up. They need to do a different offer and you will receive credit again for them.


so i went and got another referral and asked them to recheck and got this back


There does not appear to be any holds on your account or any of your referrals. Please try to submit your account for verification again.

Account Services
Transcendent Innovations

It would kind of piss me off if they tell me i have to get another referral and then go ahead and accept it anyways after i do another ref!


08-09-2005 10:21:27

Doesn't sound like you have any problems...? one of your referals DQ'ed , you got another one, but u still have to go through verification again


08-09-2005 13:08:45

yup, i was put on hold...problem solved..and gotta go through the entire process again...glad they could figure it out though!