Is This Going To Be A Problem?

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08-09-2005 06:13:36

i know that trainn records IPs but is this going to be a problem

i signed on to my account on my friends computer to check my status, my friend also has an account on the site.


08-09-2005 06:17:33

i dont think that would be too bad as long as you both have different names and physical addresses.. as long as you explain it as you just did )


08-09-2005 07:15:59

And as long as you only checked and nothing more.


08-09-2005 08:00:17

People need to stop asking can check your account from anywhere..period


08-09-2005 11:25:48

halfbreed and manofice are correct, simply logging into to your account from another location where someone is registered will not cause any problems.