Did anyone get paypal payments for Friday slot?

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04-09-2005 11:07:50

Just trying to get a feel for how this new approval system is progressing.
I've been waiting since the 30th for approval.
Was hoping to make it in this Friday payment, now i'm starting to worry i wont even make it in tuesday's.


04-09-2005 11:11:03

I submit 2 days after you, was thinking I might make tuesday because that was 5 days which seemed to be the trend, but I heard they're not quite up to that trend anymore, so now I'm just hoping for Friday..


04-09-2005 11:32:28

i submitted last monday night and im still not approved.... lol


04-09-2005 11:33:29

i was paid on friday.


04-09-2005 11:47:46

he said he was on monday so you guys should be approved soon


04-09-2005 12:24:11

yeah you guys should be through in the next couple of day.


04-09-2005 12:59:58

I submitted mine on 30th - still not approved (

unknown uchiha

04-09-2005 13:56:28

I submitted on the 30th, too. We'll probably make Friday instead of Tuesday though. I'm thinking approval will be either tomorrow or Tuesday.


04-09-2005 14:03:35

Approval, then the shipping ( . I can't wait to see my new color ipod. Huhhh!!

unknown uchiha

04-09-2005 14:23:28

Did you just get approved?


04-09-2005 15:37:11

Not yet. I was referring to the time it takes for each and every process - waiting for approval for a week; waiting for item to be shipped for another 10 days. W/e, its for free, so, shdn't complain. Will let you guys know when I get approved.


04-09-2005 15:57:23

Heh. You guys will prolly get your gift faster than me, even though I have been waiting for 10 days already.

unknown uchiha

04-09-2005 20:56:52

Whoa, well let's not worry because it's free anyways D


04-09-2005 21:14:24

I've been waiting since tuesday for approval also. Hope I make it in the tuesday payout

unknown uchiha

04-09-2005 23:58:26

Woohoo! Tuesday people! Let's go out for a drink when we get approved D


05-09-2005 01:03:39

What time do they send payment? Is it like 6am on tuesday, or 6am wednesday? or if i'm totally wrong correct me!


05-09-2005 09:08:21

Anyone get approved recently?


05-09-2005 10:03:44

Nope still waiting


05-09-2005 10:09:10

Sent in 4 days ago, REALLY hoping to make friday's shipment.