any possibility of Trainn offering new iPod products?

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04-09-2005 07:43:48

This is for Alan and Trainn

If a new iPod mini or regular iPod or anything really cool comes from the Apple press event on the 7th, do you think it would be likely that you would offer those products on your site?

I wouldn't be concerned about getting an iTunes phone, but if they came out with an 8gb iPod mini color, I sure may be interested in that instead of the regular 20gb iPod color.


04-09-2005 08:14:08

The only thing coming on the 7th is the iPhone, or whatever you want to call it, according to most iPod sources.


04-09-2005 11:13:21

yeah, but we can always hope for other things


04-09-2005 11:15:33

Yeah, but are they really just going to start selling them? I think that they might SHOW it, and give a street date, but I doubt they're just going to start selling at this event.. ya never know though.


04-09-2005 11:28:54

they will hit stuff up for the holidays.

I am just waiting for people to get pissed at apple for changing the ipod a hundred times.


04-09-2005 11:35:05

As long as it falls into the iPod family then there is a good chance we'd add it. If it's something else we'll consider the interest and if it seems to be great enough, open up a site for it.



04-09-2005 13:11:07

okay, thanks for the reply )

unknown uchiha

04-09-2005 13:53:33

I think the iPod phone is going to be named the Motorola "Rokr", which is what I've been reading on some sites' news (especially some torrent sites and other places). I'm just saying, first there was "Razr" now there's "Rokr"... weird. Anyways, I'd love to snatch that thing up for free because Cingular's supposedly the carrier for it from what I've heard and I have Cingular and stuff...