what happens after you get all your referrals?

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03-09-2005 18:47:17

I'm really close to getting my fifth and final referral at flashipods4free.com (woohoo!), and since this is my first freebie attempt, I just want to know ahead of time what happens next.

Do I have to submit for approval? Then what?

Do I have the opportunity to actually switch items after being approved? (Just curious, in case apple puts out some kind of awesome new ipod this week and Trainn decides to offer it.)

All help is appreciated, thanks -)


03-09-2005 19:00:42

submit for approval, wait a week, submit for shipment, wait 1.5 weeks, ipod

yes you can switch your item

however apple just put out the new color iPod I don't see them going to a new version soon.


03-09-2005 19:04:27

nope yall should wait something is coming on wed. by apple dealing with the ipod


03-09-2005 19:49:14

thanks for filling me in, motz

and the ipod photo's been out awhile now. but there's speculation that cetain things could come out in the press event

the iTunes phone

iPod mini with flash based memory (up to 8gb) with color screen

changes to the iPod photo's storage capacity

or, what would be the biggest news maker a video iPod


03-09-2005 19:50:42

here's the article



03-09-2005 19:55:07

I'm still just going for the iPod color from Trainn. Even if the Color Mini is released on September 20th, which I doubt, it's highly unlikely that Trainn or even Gratis will pick up on it right away.

I think, it could be ANNOUNCED on September 20th, but they won't just put it out, out of nowher.e


03-09-2005 20:34:38

yeah i ordered the 20 gig color. i ordered the gig shuffle as well, o well for that, but I want it now and a gig will do me.

interesting about the video though, however im sure it will be introduced into the larger storage ipods, like photos/color was.

which mean more refs.


03-09-2005 20:42:34

[quote28767111c4]what happens after you get all your referrals?[/quote28767111c4]

You WIN!!! D


03-09-2005 22:14:07

[quote8091d66acc="J4320"][quote8091d66acc]what happens after you get all your referrals?[/quote8091d66acc]

You WIN!!! D[/quote8091d66acc]

lol that was great.


04-09-2005 07:44:21