Question on approval queue

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01-09-2005 20:49:07

If I submit to be approved today, and before I am approved I get 2 more referrals green, will I be able to change to a higher prize and not lose my spot waiting for approval? Or will i be sent to the back of the line?

thanks alan


01-09-2005 21:06:43

Those new referrals will have to be approved too. Bu you should have no troubles selecting a different prize once you have been approved.


01-09-2005 21:50:30

yeah but i mean, if i requested approval today, and request again tomorrow iwth a different prize, will people who requested between my two requests be before or after me


01-09-2005 21:53:35

I would think so. Otherwise everyone would just finish one green and keep submitting and then the line would be pushed back. Alan says that they check in the order of submission.


01-09-2005 21:57:16

ah drat.

im still at 5 refs green.. but theres 4 more who completed offers.

i keep changing my mind and can't decide if i want to go to the u2 ipod. i think it looks really nice, but i might get tired of it.. i don't know /


01-09-2005 22:02:24

Hummm... thats a tough decision. If you go for the U2 ipod it might be a longer wait, but if you are down with waiting a bit longer then I say go for it.