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01-09-2005 14:20:46

I decided not to do the u2 one as I think I'll easily get tired of the black, and especially matching the red clickwheel with a case.

Now to wait for approval! I'm excited! Arrrr!

BTW First completed freebie!@


01-09-2005 14:26:38

Congrats! Now the long wait for your first freebie. D


01-09-2005 14:28:58

Oh man.. well I've heard Trainn is one of the faster ones out here, so hopefully it won't be too long P

unknown uchiha

01-09-2005 14:58:02

I believe that the wait time for approval is under a week, and maybe two weeks for delivery if you don't make this week's shipping time(They ship Fridays, right?). I'm still waiting for mine too! I submitted for approval on Tuesday D


01-09-2005 16:20:41

I think they try to ship EVERY tuesday and friday.


01-09-2005 16:53:32

goodluck uchiha i hope you make it by tomorrow )

and maybe ill make it by next week @ tuesday?


01-09-2005 16:59:53

I think they're up to Sunday's approval submissions.


01-09-2005 17:00:25

shoot im 4 days behind then P


01-09-2005 17:04:40

Haha don't worry about it, it's still good.


01-09-2005 17:11:15

They should put all their attention on flashipods for a bit ;)


01-09-2005 18:00:51

i sent for approval on saturday, and still waiting.


01-09-2005 18:06:08


At what time do they do approvals? So I don't sit here refreshing all day..


01-09-2005 19:53:02

they do them throughout the day