Wal mart gift card from Trainn

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31-08-2005 16:20:26

I was just thinking about xbox 360 and had a few questions that I am sure someone on here can answer for me. First of all is the walmart gift card you can receive from trainn useable on walmart.com?? The second question I had is more Wal-mart specific, mainly does anyone know if Walmart will offer the $400 xbox 360 or will they only sell the cheap one? I am trying to decide if I want to get all the excitement of purchasing an Xbox 360 in store on launch day or if I'd rather just wait for one to come to me in the mail from trainn. And as far as that goes, for those who have received items in the mail from Trainn, how long did it usually take for your item to ship? Thanks in advance for responses....


31-08-2005 17:04:28

Wal-Mart gift cards are redeemable online.


31-08-2005 18:58:35

[quotea016a59a1a="Trainn-Support"]Wal-Mart gift cards are redeemable online.[/quotea016a59a1a]

that's great!! I was curious....thanks for the quick response!! )


01-09-2005 00:08:23

so are EBGames, incase you were wondering.


01-09-2005 06:27:24

[quote3dcceadb99="motz"]so are EBGames, incase you were wondering.[/quote3dcceadb99]

thanks motz! I didn't really think about that....I just don't really want to be forced to buy a bundle,but then again for the amount of money I'll get from the giftcard, I may just do such a thing....thanks!