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29-08-2005 23:04:30

I havent really seen any new testimonials regarding the new "approval process" trainn has implemented.

anyone care to share?

Wait times, problems, etc


29-08-2005 23:23:42

Except for a few that are still being checked out, we are up to submissions from the 26th.



29-08-2005 23:44:11

i sent it in on the 27th, i can't wait.


30-08-2005 01:04:44

I'm at the 27th-28th midnight but how long does it take to review each account?


30-08-2005 02:30:29

It's an extensive process as it can take 20-30 minutes per account and there are usually dozens of new verification requests a day. That was the reason it was switched to pre-order verification as it was a grueling task and too time consuming to be done at one time.


30-08-2005 18:38:29

yikes, it definitely sounds like it would be a pain to bother with -/


30-08-2005 20:09:21

I was approved (and I ordered) this morning. Does this mean I should receive my order tonight?


30-08-2005 20:12:44

Probably, if it's paypal


30-08-2005 20:58:38

[quoteac285878a2="halfbreed"]Probably, if it's paypal[/quoteac285878a2]
It's 400$ paypal. ) Does anyone know what time they ship out? Is it midnight?


30-08-2005 21:07:53

[quotee46a50bf25]Comp Freak
The approval process is fairly simple, you request approval when you have achieved the neccessary amount of referrals, the system automatically checks to make sure you have enough referrals and you have done your offer. After that your order is submitted. Prior to shipment the referrals are verified to be unique. Shipments occur every Tues and Friday. Deadline is 100 AM CST, they ship out paypal from 3-4 CST AM. Yes you can do another offer to get credit if needed. No custom orders are not avaliable, unless in extreamly rare circumstancse.


30-08-2005 21:17:05

Thanks. Should be there by morning then. D