Not getting credit....what gives? Alan, can u help?

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28-08-2005 11:00:11

hey, I completed a trade for DVDRECORDERS4FREE on Aug 22, 2005. I did the MyDailyDose offer, which is supposed to credit instantly/next day.

It's almost been a week, and I'm going to have to cancel this offer in the next day or so, but I haven't received my credit yet.

I sent in a "credit request", but I don't think it's going to make it in time...cause I dont want to get charged the beastly fee for staying on past the trial.

Alan, can you help me out when you get a chance?? Thanks


28-08-2005 14:31:03

just cancel the trial right now if you dotn want the product..


28-08-2005 15:34:33

I'm having the same problem with Stamps. Signed up last Thursday, submitted credit request, still nothing.


28-08-2005 15:48:31

A missing credit request is not a email/support inquiry and it is treated differently, you WILL NOT receive a response within a day or two. You will only see a change when a decision has been made or we need further information from yourself.

Because it will happen so often, anything less then the reporting period plus 5 business days is held until that time passes. Then once or twice a week (depending on the number of requests), they are compiled and forwarded for verification. When a decision is received it will be answered on the Support page under your missing credit requests.



28-08-2005 22:20:08

So when can I expect an answer? And why wouldn't it credit instantly if it is supposed to?


29-08-2005 04:55:28

Hey guys, no user-specific issues are supposed to be on the forum. PMs only P

Even if it does have to do with my green ;)


29-08-2005 06:52:19

Haha, alrighty. I just haven't gotten any responses to my PMs so I was getting a bit frustrated, but point taken.


29-08-2005 08:24:50

Support tickets are a better idea. PM's pile up and will take longer to be answered