Red Blossom?

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26-08-2005 14:08:55

Has anyone done this offer before? I did it on August 16. Got their product, checked it out, didn't like the green tea part of it. Sent it back AKA completed the offer. No credit.

...submitted credit request August 22nd. No response.

Apparently I have to wait until I'm notified but I don't understand what takes sweet time. Not sure if it's a bad offer, or something at Trainn.

I'm usually pretty patient but this being my first site at Trainn, first impression is not turning out to be too good. wink

Anyone else?


26-08-2005 16:38:50

Apparently it takes creating a thread like this one, or some strange turn of events, to get credit. I just got the E-mail from Trainn telling me that I was credited.

Feel free to delete this thread. =]


26-08-2005 17:24:59

The reports from 1-800 Patches does not come in until evening as the items must be approved from the CC company and ship to receive credit so that there are no reversals.