Xbox 360 Shipping

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26-08-2005 00:07:50

Not to beat a dead horse...but I was doing some looking around tonight and noticed that the guarantee for 3604free states that the system is guaranteed to SHIP on or before launch day. So my question is, how long will shipping take? Should I expect receiving the system 4 days after launch, or launch day, or does that all depend on my geographical region (Alabama...)???


26-08-2005 00:10:41

You won't get it after unless you are Canadian.


26-08-2005 07:05:52

It depends where you are.


26-08-2005 08:30:20

thanks for the responses....I figured it'd be shortly after launch if not launch...beggars can't be is free...but man I don't wanna wait too long for it....thanks