Have u ever got credit 4 an instant offer that wasnt instant

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25-08-2005 12:57:39

Since I started doing TRAINN sites, I noticed that maybe 1/4 of my referals that did instant offers never got credit.

Of this group of people, 90% never got credit at all from the offer and were forced to do another offer or just give up.

Anyone else notice the same trend?

If we can determine that the credit isnt going to come within a few hours after doing it, it can save days, or even weeks of waiting.


25-08-2005 13:54:13

yeah, i got credit for all of my referrals, only 2 of em did instants.


25-08-2005 18:18:26

Every single offer that I have done that was supposed to be instant I have gotten credit for INSTANTLY. I think part of this is NOT DOING OFFERS ON THE WEEKENDS.That is all.


25-08-2005 18:57:40

Same here. I have gotten credits for instant offers instantly. And credit for all others but 1 instance of miracle burn which I myself did. But seeing that its Urban Nutrition - am not surprised. I have no qualms with their crediting after the initial hiccups.


25-08-2005 20:55:23

Well I did stamps.com yesterday which is supposed to be instant, and submitted a support ticket, and still haven't gotten credit.