FlashiPods4Free Account - Missing Offers From Click History

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24-08-2005 15:59:52

I signed up with flashipods4free a little over a month ago, but didn't sign in again until almost two weeks ago, on Friday, August 12. Incidentally, this was right when Trainn was giving their sites a makeover. When I tried signing in, it wouldn't accept my password, so I had to make a new one. Once I finally signed in, everything appeared to be for a points-based account even though I clearly remember having selected a referral-based account; however, I didn't think much of it. I did an offer (Passport to Fun, next day credit), and checked my click history and sure enough the offers I had browsed through were there.

When I tried logging in the next morning, it wouldn't accept my new password from the night before. I reset it once again and signed in to find a referral-based page! More importantly, when I looked in my click history, it was empty; AND when I looked in the offers section, the offer I had completed the night before (again, Passport to Fun) wasn't there. I did another offer, Spyware Nuker, that same day after realizing that my previous offer was a "Level B offer". As of today I have not received credit for either. I've sent in a missing credit request for Spyware Nuker but, of course, I was unable to do the same for Passport to Fun since it's STILL not showing up in my click history.

Has anybody experienced this with this or another Transcendent site? Trancendent's support is telling me that this happens when one signs up twice with the same email address, but I've only signed up once and wouldn't be stupid enough to even think about signing up with the same site twice. Trainn-Support, is this a sign of a problem with my offer being credited? I appreciate any help. Thanks, guys!