Alan and Trainn Support purposely ignoring me?

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24-08-2005 12:36:03

I've had a ticket open since sunday afternoon and sent a pm to both of them, one monday and one tuesday night. All i asked was to look at my ticket and neither of them pm'd me back nor gave me response to my ticket. I've noticed they have each opened the pm's because they are no longer in my outbox. Anyone else being ingored on purpose? I thought these guys are suppose to have great customer support. Maybe its a mistake, hopefully so.


24-08-2005 12:37:38



24-08-2005 12:45:01

Nobody is getting ignored. If you have submitted a ticket you will receive a response when someone reviews it.

As for the PM's, they are answered on an "as available" basis. As they come in we'll read them to ensure there are no major problems, but they may not be able to be responded to right away. That is why I have repeatedly asked that people not use the board as an area of account specific support as you are not guaranteed a reply as we may not see it or not be able to respond to it in a timely manner. Use the methods available on the site and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



24-08-2005 12:46:57

I like trainn's customer service.



24-08-2005 12:50:35

That's very odd from Train, because I fired off an email and 6 minutes later I was having a conversation with a customer service rep.


24-08-2005 12:51:37

appreciate it alan, thanks