Stupid question, but it would be fun to know

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22-08-2005 00:50:59

Hey Train. I was wondering when will you be rolling out a new site? I know you recently put out yourfreeflatscreens, though i already finished it. Any little hints you can give the public? Or have plans not be made yet?


22-08-2005 01:03:47

I have a feeling there next site is going to be a computer website, but I'm probably wrong.


22-08-2005 01:21:38

yeah didnt they say already that they are going to do a smaller site or 2, with a different feel towards them, and then i thought theyd bust out a sweet computer site.

i think most people would prefer a laptop than a PC though.


22-08-2005 02:53:24

do a site that only cost 1 or 2 referrals D