Points vs. Referrals

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22-08-2005 00:04:35


I was just wondering...is doing the site by referrals so much easier than by points? Like how hard is it to get enough points? 'Cause I always wonder how I can get so many referrals for all the different sites, so I was thinking if I could do these on points, that would be good, but I just don't know. Well, any help would be most appreciated.



22-08-2005 00:06:25

Well the good thing about referrals is you can trade with folks and get them done, and it's cheaper (I think)....you'd have to be paying for the offers and getting the points....it's all a matter of what you want to do.....do you want to have to get referrals or just sign up for a bunch of offers you are interested in and get the points........


22-08-2005 00:26:27

Well for points, you are completing more offers. This limits you to fewer and fewer offers, if you are interested in pursuing other Trainn sites.