Just curious...

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21-08-2005 22:33:36

Has anyone received a gift from trainn besides paypal? I'm not doubting their legitness or anything I'm just wondering. I only see people getting paypal. So has anyone gone for a shipment gift and actually received it?


21-08-2005 23:03:25

I believe they have, check A4F


21-08-2005 23:39:53

I received a 20gb color ipod less than a week after I ordered


22-08-2005 10:05:40

i got a 20GB B&W from them July 1st, then took it to the apple store and returned it and got a 30GB Color.


22-08-2005 10:22:55

I completed my order or whatever for a 20 gig color iPod on the 20th. It says its expected to ship the 30th, does it usually take that long to go through or will I get it soon?