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20-08-2005 09:25:14

Alan started to say something in a different thread about changing the bundles up now that the press release came out.

He said something to the tune of less than 8 referrals for the core system and 8 for the 399 system that includes wireless controller, HDD, HD cables, etc.

When can we expect to see these changes reflected on the site?

What seems fair for the core system (MSRP 299)? I would say 6 referrals.


25-08-2005 21:23:49

any answer to this? )


25-08-2005 22:05:59

We're going to be providing the new options tomorrow (08/26)



25-08-2005 22:22:14

Hey Alan

How far are you on the account approval list?


25-08-2005 23:03:39

I believe they may be up to the 23rd now, but am not 100% definite about that. There are no scheduled upgrades or maintenance so that'll be one of the overnight tasks tonight and a good amount should be taken care of. Since Monday there have been nearly 100 requests for that so there's a lot to go through.



25-08-2005 23:28:16

You mean August 23rd? Wow that's awesome!


26-08-2005 07:26:24

sumbited on 25th.. so hopefully by monday or so i can get approved )