Creating multiple accounts on Trainn sites?

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19-08-2005 19:36:33

I heard from someone that this is allowed. Is it as long as you are not a referal for yourself. I could go read the terms and conditions and probably figure it out but im sure one of you guys knows. Is it allowed?

theclownoftightness D


19-08-2005 19:39:25

Yeah, I would like to know too! Can each member of the household get an account?


19-08-2005 20:01:33

yah but they cant be referrals for each other


19-08-2005 20:06:18

When are you pulling the plug because my brother would like to sign up for some of the sites tonight. Would that be alright?


19-08-2005 20:17:07

Let's wait for an official response.


19-08-2005 20:31:26

I would highly recommend not signing up for multiple accounts...

[quote67efa6de28] 4. Only one account per site per household is allowed. Any user(s) found creating multiple account will face immediate suspension and risk having their account terminated.[/quote67efa6de28]

Totally against the TOS, and will get you placed on hold. Don't do it. You are not allowed to sign up for multiple accounts per household at any of these sites.


19-08-2005 20:49:30

YOU, yourself are not allowed to create multiple accounts. if you have someone in your household who would like to do the sites also, then they can do them, but you just cant have anyone in the house, refer anyone else in the house.

for instance my wife and my mother-in-law would like to do the Trainn sites, since its the only network that allows this. they can sign up, but i cant refer them, and they cant refer each other.

as soon as i have done a Trainn site or 2, then they may start to do them also, when they see me get my money.


19-08-2005 20:51:18

Ahh I see.


19-08-2005 21:03:59

[quote8a472aed7d="theclownoftightness"]When are you pulling the plug because my brother would like to sign up for some of the sites tonight. Would that be alright?[/quote8a472aed7d]

alan would this be allowed within the next couple days?


19-08-2005 21:30:04

unless theyve changed the rules and dont allow it anymore he should be fine.

i even asked if when my mother-in-law/wife do the sites if the money they recieve can be paid into my paypal account, and i was told thats fine also.

so he should be good, as long as he isnt a ref and he doesnt refer anyone else in the house.