3604Free...still guaranteed?

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16-08-2005 11:09:24

I was just wondering if the Xbox 360 on 3604free is still guaranteed to be delivered on or before launch day or you get $100 plus the system? I haven't seen anything written to the contrary so I was wanting to know, because I may just try for the actual system instead of just the giftcard....please let me know...


16-08-2005 13:32:25

Yes, we do.




16-08-2005 13:50:54

I think that is wonderful!! I am so glad to know that...I now need to get my friends to sign up so I can go ahead and place my order, because classes start back tomorrow and between school and work....and football I don't know when I'll get folks to sign up. Thanks for the quick response!!!


17-08-2005 04:08:12

You guys are amazing. wowee