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13-08-2005 14:29:18

Just a quick question, my best freind wants to sign up as a referal for me, but he doesnt have a credit card, (and since we are up in Canada we dont have any prepaid credit cards up here) so would it be ok if i lend him my Credit Card to sign up as a referal?

Also this was posted on "We've crossed the T's and dotted the I's and are now able to ship to Canadian addresses with no additional requirements. In the past, we were only able to ship iPod Shuffles and Paypal to Canadian users, but now all current (as well as future) items may be ordered and shipped to Canadian visitors!" So are we allowed to order the iPod and have it shipped to us cause it says in the FAQ on the site that we arnt allowed to get the products only cash.




13-08-2005 14:48:02

yeah you can have the iPods shipped to you in Canada now.

im not gonna comment about the CC issue though cos im not sure about that. i know Trainn dont see any of that info but still.

i mean im sure there are couple who have joint bank accounts doing these free site, and the money comes out of the same account and shit.

i asked a similar question through e-mail to them about my wife wanting to do these sites, but doesnt have a debit card, and if she could use mine, and the money going into my paypal account. they said thats fine as long as the only thing linking us 2 together is the paypal, and we are not each others refs etc.


13-08-2005 20:14:12

i don't believe you can don't quote me, but i believe they check the name, or else you would be able to do all 5 of your offers. however it may work.....

you may want to try a paypal account, you can use the virtual debit card on some offers


15-08-2005 13:24:55

Can i get conformation from a Trainn employee on my questions?


15-08-2005 13:27:47

I know as much as Train

Yes, your friend can use your credit card, very few companys have the ability to track your CC number you use. Though im not going to elaborate over that, all im saying is you can let your friend use your CC. Though dont try to scam Train, cause if your going to be put on hold it wont be pretty. You have been warned wink