Flashipod "request credit"

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11-08-2005 15:40:56

I go to click on request credit for tickle IQ and i get this

This click is not associated to your account, has already been confirmed, or an investigation request has been made.
If you believe this to be in error, please contact support.
http//[" alt=""/img2f9a53041c]
Why is there a gap in the list? Is it in the process of giving me credit for my offer? My email= is email=wupass@sympatico.cawupass@sympatico.ca is email=wupass@sympatico.cawupass@sympatico.ca/email if a support person can look at it.


11-08-2005 16:22:30

give this man his credit lol


11-08-2005 16:51:12

w00t Finally got my credit! THanks

However, im still waiting on my other referal email==treemasta@msn.comtreemasta@msn.com=treemasta@msn.comtreemasta@msn.com/email , he told me he did the tickle IQ one on Sunday as well. Any help would be appreaciated.