Nothing appearing in click history, help wud be appreciated

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11-08-2005 13:31:45

If the offer you did on a Trainn site doesnt appear in click history can you still get credit? I did an offer for dvdrecorders (psychics4free) and 3604free(crusing4cash) but the offer does not appear in the click history on either of these sites, does this mean that the Trainn site did not record the offer....this mean i won't get credit?


11-08-2005 13:44:37

ive heard of this happening to a few people but im unsure as to what happened.

i think if you have proof that you have completed an offer, confirmation e-mail, screenshots, products etc, then you should be able to get credit.

open a support ticket and ask them, see what they say, they would know better than i would.


11-08-2005 16:22:07

i didnt get a confirmation email from the offer, which was psychics4free for dvdrecorders....but i did get one from cruising4cash for i don't know what to do with dvdrecorders accept wait. Alan any suggestions??